Our local government deserves new leadership with a clear vision. 

I have traveled the country with the Small Business Administration (SBA). I’ve seen firsthand the quality of life that effective local governments are building in places that don’t have half of the resources that Baton Rouge has. 

I am running to create a vision for real, tangible change and provide the leadership to get it done. I am running to create a culture of excellence, transparency, and a brighter future for the Capital Region.

Together, we can push Baton Rouge to not just reach her potential, but exceed it.

Public Safety

People no longer feel safe in our community. Safety is a basic human need. When we feel safe, we can stop focusing on merely surviving and start thriving. 

My administration will offer new leadership and a clear vision to create interoperability amongst the numerous branches of law enforcement in our parish. 

We must break down silos and focus on improving morale between our officers and parish leadership. As Mayor-President, I will employ a Whole-of-Government Approach, bringing together leadership from all law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney’s Office, Public Defenders Office, and judges to enhance strategies.

In addition, my administration will also attack the root causes of crime. A bad jobs climate drives crime. Blighted properties and vacant storefronts drive crime. Litter-filled streets drive crime. Homelessness and mental illness drive crime. 

My administration will create opportunity for people who want it and help for people who need it.


The link between crime and education is crystal clear. We must do a better job investing in the education and development of our young people. Early childhood education reduces the chance of a future encounter with the law by 20%. We can’t afford to fail our children.

I know that education isn’t strictly a city-parish function. But as your Mayor-President, I won’t use that as an excuse. I will partner with educational leadership to make sure every child has access to the highest quality of education we can offer.

Today, we have hundreds of our children waitlisted and not being serviced by our Head Start program. That is simply unacceptable. My administration will work with high quality providers to ensure our children have access to high quality early childhood education.

As your Mayor-President, I will work with the District Attorney and School Board on recommendations to address truancy. We have over 80% of students in some of our schools missing school chronically. Nothing good happens when they spend their days on the streets.

We will enact a Mayor’s Literacy Program during the summer months to ensure that our young people have every opportunity for enrichment and work to increase the number of young people in our jobs program and include more financial literacy within the program.

Economic Development

As the former Administrator for the Small Business Administration (SBA), I understand that small businesses are the engines of our economy. Supporting business, both big and small, is vital to a stronger economic base in our parish. 

We must provide better alignment for our workforce and economic development functions to create a better climate for small businesses.

My administration will explore opportunities to expand innovation, leverage federal funding to provide capital to entrepreneurs, and create a Procurement Academy to make revenue growth through government contracting a top priority

This includes revitalizing downtown with a clear vision for the future of the River Center, increasing investment in economically challenged areas, working aggressively to clear infrastructure backlogs, and streamlining the permitting process for private investment.

As Mayor-President, my efforts won’t stop at City Hall. We will enter each and every State Legislative session with an “EBR Agenda.” I will work closely with our legislative delegation to make sure our East Baton Rouge priorities are respected in state government. 

My efforts won’t stop at the State Capitol. I will fight just as hard in our nation’s capital, to make sure we get our fair share of your tax dollars back into our services.

Today, we are getting outworked by other parishes and local governments. We have a history of sending unspent federal dollars back to Washington, DC. Those dollars aren’t just sitting in escrow waiting for East Baton Rouge to get it right: they are being deployed to other cities to remedy the very issues we struggle with.

We are paying the bill, but not getting the service. In 2022, it was reported that we failed to spend or wasted over $13 million in Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding, a problem that has expanded over the past decade. That is unacceptable and changes when I am your Mayor-President.

St. George

I opposed the creation of St. George. I authored bills twice in the legislature opposing it. The Supreme Court has ruled.  This is the time for moving forward. We are all East Baton Rouge Parish.

We’ve had four cities and now we have five. The job of keeping our families safe, providing needed infrastructure, education and economic opportunity to every citizen of the parish has not changed. As I said when we kicked off our campaign, my commitment is to every citizen in this parish

There are still many unanswered questions, but one thing I know: now, more than ever, this parish deserves a Mayor-President who can unite the people of East Baton Rouge. Now is the time to ensure that this implementation goes as smoothly and fairly as possible for all parties.

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